lightly battered calamari rings served with tzatziki sauce 11.50



imported kefalotyri, pan fried with brandy, served with pita & tzatziki 11.95


feta bruchetta

tomato, onion & green olives with olive oil, garlic, feta & spices 9.25



traditional mix of spinach, feta & herbs wrapped in a crispy phylo pastry 10.25


greek ribs

greek seasoned, dry rub st.lois cut side ribs 11.75



served with hummus & tzatziki sauce 7.25


baked feta

oven baked feta, tomato & olive oil, served with pita, tapenade & tzatziki 9.75


double stack nachos

crisp tortilla chips covered with melted cheese, tomato, onion, peppers, jalapenos, & black olives 13.95
** add grilled chicken or seasoned ground beef 4.00

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